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Roofing Repairs

Have the elements and the weather caused damage to your roof? 

Even a small roof leak, if left unchecked, can lead to costly damage to the interior of your home. Ceilings, drywall, and even floors may need to be repaired, all of which can be a costly endeavor. Massachusetts based A1 Roofing is here to help. 

Why spend thousands of dollars to replace your roof, when our professional roofers can repair it at a fraction of the cost? A1 Roofing specializes in roof repair and replacement.

Not only will we repair any existing roof leaks, our licensed roofing contractors will also carefully inspect the rest of your roof, and address any other issues that may be present.

All roofing repairs are backed up by our roof repair warranty.

A1 Roofing and Windows knows that a true roof leak repair begins with roof leak detection. If the rafters and underside of your roof deck are exposed, or uncovered it can be easier to inspect. 

Having said that, that water leaks have a way of being incredibly deceptive in the sense that The spot where you have detected a leak or a water stain may not necessarily be where the leak in the roof actually is.
Lenny knows the tricks that water can play, so don’t risk climbing onto your roof and searching for the source yourself. 

A1 Roofing and Windows provides fast, reliable leak detection and roof leak repair services for residents in Massachusetts. 

When locating a leak, remember that water can’t run uphill, so leaks on a pitched roof cannot be below where you see evidence of a leak. Water can enter through exposed nail holes or an area with missing shingles, traveling over old layers of roof and roofing felt until it reaches a gap or tear that allows it to penetrate to the roof deck. From there, it may run over the plywood until it crosses a joint – whereupon it may resume its journey along a rafter or the underside of the decking.

Timely leak repair is extremely important in helping prevent mold and wood rot

Finding the origin of a leak when the underside of your roof is hidden, such as with cathedral or vaulted ceilings, is a real challenge. Water can travel many feet from where it enters before showing itself. With drywall or paneling on the ceiling, it may travel even further. A small leak may not even be noticeable except during prolonged rainfall, but that doesn't mean it’s harmless. Moisture inside the roof assembly can degrade insulation and promote the growth of mold and wood-rotting fungus.

With substantial leaks, you will see discoloration on your ceiling. On a horizontal ceiling, water may pool and saturate the drywall. If you see this happen, puncture the saturated area with a pencil and allow the water to drain into a large bucket until you can repair the roof. If the leak cannot be found by inspecting the roofing, a sizable section of drywall will have to be removed to pinpoint its location. Once the leak has been located, technicians will measure from reference points, such as a chimney and the ridge, so they can transfer the leak location to the roof. A1 Roofing and Windows is here to help with any leaky roof problem you may be encountering, feel free to contact us and Lenny will give you a fair estimate on the job.
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